Johnny Depp Goes Gangster in “Black Mass!”

There seems to be no end to the type of characters Johnny Depp can play. All he needs is a little movie make up and he completely becomes the person he is portraying. This time around, Depp is infamous Irish mobster, James “Whitey” Bulger, who came to power through an unholy alliance with the FBI. They used him to eliminate the Italian mob in Boston, while he in turn used them to evade being caught and solidifying his stronghold on the city. Joel Edgerton, is John Connolly, the FBI agent and childhood friend who helps him stay one step ahead of the law.


Man we knew the FBI had a dirty past and this latest biopic only proves it yet again. As you recall, the organization was began by J. Edgar Hoover who was known to blackmail Presidents and even offered to put a permanent end to Martin Luther King, Jr. This film is something everyone has to see. If you google Whitey Bulger you will find he became the virtual kingpin of crime in Boston. The way these crooked man attain absolute power is violent, scary, and usually involves some corruption in higher office. Either way, almost anything with Johnny Depp in it will be entertaining I’m there! Check out the trailer below! Tell us what you think about this new movie.

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