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Johnny Depp “Mortdecai” Film A Bust?

Is Johnny Depp’s legacy being destroyed right before our eye’s with every box office bust he puts his name on? His current role as the weirdo British aristocrat in the movie “Mortdecai” isn’t being viewed as a profitable one by critics.


Johnny Depp getting a chance to cop a feel on Olivia Munn’s boobs seem to be the only win he may receive for the movie. Critics project that the film will be a disappointment in box office sales settling at $7 million in its opening weekend…if that! Considering the movie its self totaled out at $60 million in cost for production, those projection could cause a major financial problem.

As for Depp, this would be his third strike out role if the movie does tank. His previous roles for the films “The Lone Ranger” and “Transcendence” were also box office bust. Films-duds like these can hurt an actors career and pockets. THR reports that Johnny Depp’s upfront fee has dropped from $20 million to roughly $6-8 million. Maybe in Depp’s world that’s a big ouchy but in us regular folks world, we still eating good, baby!

You can help Johnny and the “Mortdecai” production team by going to see the film this weekend at a theater near you.


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