Jordan Brand Unveils New “Space Jam” Teaser

Mayday! Mayday! You already know what time of the year it is again guys, it’s about time for another classic Jordan brand release.

Speaking of all things Jordan, what’s a release without a controversial campaign right?

Yes, it seems as though 2016 has been the year of straight up controversy, but thankfully guys it’s not discriminatory against any minorities or sex, more so evil aliens who are trying to make a comeback and take over the world… Ok let me explain, apart from the release of Michael Jordan’s classic “Space Jam” edition kicks (the same kicks he wore in the 1998 movie), the Jordan brand just released a dope yet sort of controversial video snippet featuring Jordan brand ambassador Jimmy Butler and some Monsters.

space-jam-monstars-complyNow if you’re not familiar with Space Jam the movie in which I don’t know how in the hell anyone couldn’t be. It was only one of the dopest films ever!!! Especially growing up as a 90’s kid. Long story short, Michael Jordan alongside his Looney Tune friends Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Tweety and oh yeah Bill Murray plays a game of basketball to win back their freedom against the Evil Monstars a group of shrimpy aliens who go on to steal the talent of some of 90’s best basketball players including Charles Barkley in which they eventually succumb to Jordan’s iconic winning slam dunk. Ring a bell now? Ok now that your caught up back to this sneaker.

In the clip, Bulter walks up to the wall and a voiceover says, “Another year, another superteam. Thought they would have learned by now.” The posters include slogans like “The Monstars Rule,” “Monstars Republic,” and probably the most disturbing, “Comply.” As Butler makes it to the wall he pulls out a spray can and begins to paint something over the domineering posters, but not before the video suddenly ends with a date 12.03.16, which is the same date of the official release of the Air Jordan’s retro of the Air Jordan XI “Space Jam,”. Dope right? Lookout for this dope kick you guys, I know I will!

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