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Jordan Emanuel: Scholar, Supermodel, Superwoman

Jordan Emanuel: Scholar, Supermodel, Superwoman

Photo captured by @tutes/via Instagram

Strength and determination can be greatly impacted, with powerful influences like a great-grandmother being born into slavery and rising from such, or a mother fiercely standing her ground in a male-dominated field.

Multi-talented model and entrepreneur, Jordan Emanuel, had both.

Emanuel set her mark as a go-getter as she jumped right into her higher education experience, where at the University of Miami, she earned a bachelor’s degree in Broadcast Journalism, Music Business and Industries and Art History. “For me, it was just a trigger that I always needed to have a back-up plan. Moreover, than a back-up plan, I always needed to have another source of income just in case I fell. I think that people are naturally not just one layer, we have different parts of us and different interests. Why not monetize those?”

A lot of Emanuel’s interests actually sparked before combatting numerous majors. As a young adult, her mother enrolled her into a television program, which introduced her to the passion of broadcast journalism. While, small but impactful content such as comedy-drama film, “The Devil Wears Prada,” influenced her fashion designer niche and boss-lady persona.

Photo captured by Lindsay Milner/ @lindsay_milner via Instagram

However, Emanuel’s main profession and what she’s built her creative empire off of, modeling, came from a fun birthday shoot with a friend resulting in a ton of positive feedback and eventually a new career. “I think I stayed in it [modeling] because I genuinely do like creating. I like being people’s imagery and vision to a tangible form, whether I’m in front of the camera modeling, or behind it editing or shooting the B Roll. It’s just another one of those creative outlets that I monetize.”

With the modeling industry being as competitive as any other field of work, it follows with biases and doubts not only put upon by others but on one’s self according to Emmanuel. She said her short height was one thing she felt self-conscious about. She also felt uneasy about those around her implying because she’s a black model, she’s bound to always maintain curly hair.

“I think that people are naturally, not just one layer, we have different parts of us and different interests. Why not monetize those?”

There’s more than one side of design Emanuel partakes in along with fashion and photography; interior design, another one of those creative outlets she monetizes, developed into real estate and is where her art history degree came into play. “One of the first things I actually learned in Art History was about the beauty and art of architecture and the details and how different patterns go with what, and how different material goes with what. And I think that’s just translated into not just my home and the homes of others, it translates into my personal style; my fashion, my set design, what images I want for certain shoots I get creative direction over. It’s influenced by interior design because you don’t know how certain colors make people feel, what attracts what. So that knowledge has been huge for that part of my career.”

Women with Voices is another one Emanuel’s empowering accolades righteously consuming her time these days. The non-profit organization, co-founded by Emanuel herself, allows women from different backgrounds to share their stories and gain access to resources to help build their communities and progressive empire.

Photo captured by @tutes/ via Instagram

Emanuel’s own childhood experiences of growing up in New Jersey, but constantly having to move around and start over socially and economically, was one of the reasons behind her strive for this organization. “From having to start from ground zero, inspired me to want to put in place somewhere where women can connect with one another, learn with one another and support one another. I didn’t want it to be limited to “Oh just black women, or just lawyers, just AKAs.” There was nothing like that, including everyone was a huge thing because you don’t realize how much you may have in common with someone. We get caught up with what people look like, or what their financial or educational level is, and we all are one in the same place. One way or another and it was just one of those things where I wanted all of us to connect on a different level that we may not have otherwise.”

Next, Emanuel is transferring her fashion talents to beauty in an upcoming campaign with Bumble and Bumble hair company and also teaming up with make-up guru, Natasha Denona, for a project of their own.

“From having to start from ground zero, inspired me to want to put in place somewhere where women can connect with one another, learn with one another and support one another.

Women with Voices will also be holding its usual monthly workshops, and in attachment to a newly set-up office space providing Emanuel and other participants with a location to call home. “Just do it. If you like it, try it. We have so much access to things and there’s no reason not to see your potential and go.”

Be sure to keep up with all things Jordan Emanuel on Instagram @jordy_jor!


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