Jordin Sparks Comes Clean About Jason Derulo On ‘The Breakfast Club’

If diplomacy tactics and communication isn’t your strong suit, try not to date a Capricorn.  

The 25-year-old singer made a stop at Power 105’s “The Breakfast Club” and dished a little bit further on her ex-boyfriend, Jason Derulo. The “American Idol” alum even came out with her “#ByeFelicia” mixtape about her relationship that was well received.

What viewers will learn is that Sparks didn’t pressure Derulo to get married, she thought the BMW that was given to her was a “paid-in-full” gift, and her intuition led her to believe Derulo may have been unfaithful.

What’s great about Sparks’ interview was that she gave detail without throwing Derulo under the bus. Nicki Minaj’s ex-boyfriend Safaree Samuels followed a similar formula when he appeared on the radio show.

Another tidbit? Sparks hasn’t spoken to Derulo in five months since their separation. Usually when a breakup happens, words aren’t impossible to be exchanged shortly after. When it comes to Sparks? That’s a different story.

Check out some great highlights below:


On receiving a car that was really leased:

I wasn’t making the payments because I was under the impression it was purchased. So it’s whatever. [I told him] ‘It’s at the dealership, you can go pick it up.’

I didn’t find out until I was driving home for Christmas. I was going to give the car back anyway and they reached out and were like ‘Hey, we’re just wondering on your intention of giving your car back.’ I was like, ok. Timing is impeccable!

On speaking with Derulo since the breakup:

I haven’t spoken to him since everything went down [5 months ago].

On finding out that Derulo went public about the breakup:

I was in LA and I had all the press that I had to do for the movie and at one point I was like “I can’t go.” Like, this is going to turn into something super crazy. I can’t do this. Then I was like, you know what? No. I’m not going to let this stop me from doing what I got to do.

So I fly out and I knew just previously because, we were together and we had each other’s schedules, so I knew he wasn’t supposed to be [doing interviews]. So when I saw him at all these radio stations I was like ‘Wow! Ok!’

On the pressures of being married:

I figured eventually [we’d marry] because we were together for three years but I wasn’t at this space like, ‘Let’s get married now!’ We had conversations about it but it wasn’t like conversations where he didn’t talk. It was two sided.

 But I’m not ready for [marriage].

On trying to reconcile a debate that led to Derulo’s unexplained departure:

So, we had an argument or this little tiff or whatever and I apologized because I was like, ‘Ok, that came out totally wrong. Then it was just really awkward for a second.

It was a different type of [argument]. It was like a family type thing. I love his family, which makes me really sad. It was just a normal, we were in a relationship for three years, you start having these little whatever. So it just got really awkward and I was like ‘Ok, I’m sorry, I apologize,’ and I asked him if we were good and he was like ‘Yeah, we’re good.’ So then I leave and he just doesn’t call.

But he helped me with my bag to the car, he kissed me, told me he loved me, then stopped calling me.

It really is [dirty]. I can laugh about it now but at the time I was like ‘What the?!’

On Derulo not communicating with her to absolve disagreements:

So I called because I’m the type of person who needs communication like, we need to talk about this so we can move past it. I’m like that with all my relationships whether it is friendships or not.

So he wasn’t responding and I told him that he needs to come get his sh*t. So he got all his stuff out of my house because it was my house. He was living with me.

But its okay. At this point, I don’t need that conversation anymore.

On dating again:

It’s just really weird. I’m not really good at dating. I was a late bloomer. Growing up I was always the guy’s girl.

On Derulo living with her then getting his own home:

He’s saying  [he got me this and] that as [he’s] sitting on my bed that I bought. The house that I bought. Parking your car in my garage.

He has his house now. No, he was not trying to save money. Did you see the chain he bought? The car he bought? The house he got? No. But it’s all good though.

On falling in love with Derulo when his neck immobilized:

Actually, when he broke his neck, that’s when we really fell in love. Because I was there. I dropped everything to be there for him. So he’s a great guy, i don’t wish him any harm. He did some stupid shit but I can’t hold it against him. We’re 25 [now].

 I think everyone has a perception of who I am. Because last time they saw me, I was 17 years old on American Idol and for a lot of people, that’s the last time they saw me. But there has been a huge growth since my last album. My last album I was 19 and I’m 25 now. It’s a big growth spurt and I’ve gone through a lot of changes of what I wanted to sound like and what I’ve wanted to say and experiences I’ve gone through.

On  not holding the vows for her “Purity” ring:

Everybody knows that I had the purity ring for a long time and I don’t wear it anymore. And at one point in my life, that is what I was doing. My parents talked to me when I was 13 and said ‘Save yourself until you’re married,’ and it made sense to me because at that time I was 13. I was like ‘Ok, that makes total sense:

But then you grow up and you get feelings and you do great things and things change!

I was in a relationship with Jason but I… was in a relationship before that. I’ve had two. I’ve only had two (guys).

Check out the full interview below:

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