[REVIEW] “Josephine” Lounge & Bar Is The Place To Be!

Just when we thought we had seen everything Atlanta has to offer, a new jewel comes into the spotlight. This time around, however, it is not a half-baked event, or yet another “socialite,” but instead a lounge–JosephineHeyMikeyATL and Kontrol Magazine were in the building for a food tasting where noted, local food bloggers were invited to taste select menu items, try their signature hookahs, and experience the ambiance. We have to say we were enchanted and enlightened, not only by the lounge itself, but the kind staff, great food, and inviting energy!

Grade: A+

Josephine, named after the first (and only) Empress of France, Josephine Bonaparte, a truly elegant woman; this lounge is one regal and beautiful place where you can go party and unwind from the day or work week. Settled in the bosom of Brookhaven, a prominent northeastern neighborhood in Atlanta, Josephine’s is the place to be. The business has been running for five years, began by restauranteur, Serge Herve. His love for fine wine and fine dining was developed in Paris where it has developed into a true culinary art form.

The menu is amazing, offering your typical bar foods like wings, fries, and cocktails, but other special include dishes like shrimp and bacon fried rice, a crab broil plate, Korean barbecue prepared Philly cheese steak style, and of course lobster fritters and mac and cheese! YUM! We gorged–yes gorged, the servings were plentiful on the former two dishes while ordering margaritas and cocktails. The food was prepared by Chef Matt (@myculinarytable), a true food connoissuer who brought his own background and experience to the lounge, making the menu different from your typical bar-like establishment. “I wanted people to try something out of the ordinary when it comes to a lounge experience. Josephine’s is an amazing place and you should have equally amazing food when you come here to have fun…bring your friends, have events, this is the place to be.” Being that the lounge boasts a huge bar and bottle service with the best spirits and liquor, even the simplest drinks are well made and leave you a little buzzed. This is always good after a stressful day.

Josephine is open five days a week with each day boasting a different theme:

  • World Class Fridays (10 pm to 2:30 am)
  • Passport Tuesdays (10 pm to 2:30 am)
  • Sin Sundays (10 pm to 2:30 am)
  • Seafood Night – Monday (5 pm to 12 am)
  • Seafood Night – Tuesday (5 pm to 12 am)

We personally will definitely be going back to one of their Seafood Nights! Josephine is a Black, Native African, owned business and is seeking to give the people of Atlanta a new, fun, safe place to be themselves. It also serves as a venue for events when requested. With the experience we had there, there is no doubt this place will be a hit. Grab your purses, wallets, and fanny packs. It’s time to PARTY!

Check out pictures from some of the dishes below! Happy eating!


  • Instagram: @Josephineatl/ @Josephinekitchen
  • Facebook: Josephine Lounge/ Josephine Kitchen- ATL
  • Chef @myculinarytable

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