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Josh Levi releases his letter and visual for DEAR VIOLENCE

Josh Levi releases his letter and visual for DEAR VIOLENCE

“[As an artist of the new generation] the world is a lot more accepting. You really don’t have to categorize yourself. It’s exciting that there is acceptance for young people and young artists. Which motivates me to make music”, said Josh Levi, Artist.


I had the pleasure of interviewing Josh Levi, an 18-year-old recording artist, actor, and activist to discuss his latest music video “DEAR VIOLENCE”. Josh Levi is a jack of all trades as he plays the guitar, piano, keyboard, dances, and acts. Did I mention he is a songwriter? “I never fit in a box. My music, me as a person or my family”. If this is a taste of what the new generation is, I can’t wait. We might just be looking at the next big star. Touring all over the world and making viral youtube covers, Josh is an influential artist who aspires to make huge strides in society and culture. Using his voice as a powerful tool, these young minds “stay woke” on what’s happening in the world and are here to make a change.

“Am I doing [this] for someone else? Or am I doing something that might make other people uncomfortable, but what I want to do. [It’s] bold, and how I want to lead with my artistry”, said Josh Levi.


With over 118K Instagram followers, Josh Levi is gaining quite the following.

Questioning this year’s past tragedies, Josh released ‘Dear Violence’. “The only way I feel like I could cope with [a] huge mass violence, was by creating something and responding to it.” ‘Dear Violence’ is a “spoken-word for a deconstructed music video”. Expressing his anger, frustration and hurt, Josh partnered with AwesomenessTV to produce the perfect music video to depict his vision. Between the mass shootings, discrimination, racism, terrorism, and war to hate crimes in general. ‘Dear Violence’ is a response to violence, “let music, let me, let love be the replacement for the hurt in your life”.

“I have an open relationship with my fans. I like to let them know I am human; I [as well] go through crazy things. I’m very honest and candid with them. [My fans] reciprocate that, and I like to help them where I can”.


Best known as being one of the top ten finalists on the “X-Factor” (USA), where he gained worldwide recognition for his singing talent, Josh amassed a huge fanbase and signed to Island Records. “After X-Factor, I was starting to write for myself, and figure out my sound”. Making viral youtube covers as a way for him to put his own take on someone else’s story. Expressing himself as an artist, covers allowed Josh to “offer my own unique perspective”.

“With artists when you hear other music, you either connect or disconnect with it. [You either] connect to it in a level where you wish you did it, or it was really clever and you respect it. For me, I really want to add to it and pay my respect [to] help the vision be executed.”



Passionate, creative, and unapologetic. Josh is most inspired by Michael Jackson, Kendrick Lamar, and Beyonce. “I think that Beyonce obviously is the greatest that we have right now. I love [artists] like SZA, Kendrick Lamar, and Solange; artists that are unapologetic”. Josh tells stories, and use’s his art to help mend the broken pieces of the world through his music and voice.

“I feel like I’ve found myself now more than ever”, said Josh.

“As an artist, I like to respond to things through art. Music is art [and] art is music. All things are artistic. As an artist, it kind of all one big pot of just creativity and expression.” With an unapologetic influence, Josh lives true to his authentic self. “[My] style is personal, and something that expresses how I want to feel, how I want to walk into every room and be confident and cool. There are no rules, and you don’t have to conform in any way.”


“I am doing this new thing where I wear color, but my go-to is all black. [My style is] anything with ripped jeans, leather, and a lot of jewelry. Or I do something crazy and outside of [the box] what I would usually do like bright yellow, orange, and red.”


“I don’t even see myself as a model. I actually use to have braces and glasses. Just as much as a nerd you could picture. If Gucci or Balenciaga hit me up I would be on my way right now.”


“I think social media has been a diary almost”, said Josh. You can always stay updated with Josh Levi through social media. As he is constantly posting on his Instagram story while in the studio. “I will be releasing something definitely before the end of the year. The music is so exciting and I’m so excited for it. [So] be on the lookout for that”.


See more of Josh Levi here:






Photos courtesy of Josh Levi


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