Joyce Reed’s Book Signing/Launch Event

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Joyce Reed’s Book Signing/Launch Event

“Sometimes beauty can conceal the deepest scars,” that’s a quote from the cover of her book titled ‘Hurt Used to Live Here’. I must say I find that to be true. Looking at Joyce I would never have guessed the struggles she went through; from domestic violence, death, molestation, and much more she proves that just because you go through tough situations in life they don’t have to make you bitter they can make you better! I am inspired by the strength Joyce displays and her positive attitude towards the future.


Joyce spoke and read an excerpt from her book that had some of the audience in tears. Her sons then spoke on how proud they were of her for overcoming her past and their love for her.


To learn more about Joyce and her story and to purchase her book ‘Hurt Used to Live Here’ go to her website at The book is also available for purchase on


 She also has T-shirts with the sayings “I Am Ur Voice” and one with the title of her acclaimed book ‘Hurt Used to Live Here’ also available to purchase at!


Did I forget to mention she has a nail polish line called Ironic Nails with polishes that were available to purchase? Yes, with over 200 shades of quality, long lasting shades formulated to prevent chipped and cracking. I can the pastels being popular color choices with Easter approaching! My favorite thing about this nail polish line is that a percentage of the proceeds are donated to an organization that empowers women! You can pay it forward while getting you a color or two at!

It was a delight to be in the presence of such an inspiration person and the patrons attending the book signing quenched their thirst with Mimosas and Cranberry spritzers and snacked on tasty hors d’oeuvres.


I have to mention C.A.U.S.E. For Elegance where the book signing event was held and I must say I love what they stand for! The acronym stands for ‘Causes All United to Serve and Empower’, the C.A.U.S.E. Network consists of Designers that create beautifully, exquisite things, Sponsors, Specialists, and Organizations. The program teaches students 12-18 how to learn to create they own financial independence by developing their own products and services. This all happens in store and it’s called the JR Apprentice Program. I love that how all the money raised through the sale of products and services go to the Camp Village Scholarship Fund for students. The store also has incredible merchandise from men, to day wear for women, to evening gowns in stock. You can go see all the prettiness and more this store has to offer at 3500 Peachtree Road, NE in Phipps Plaza.

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