Jurassic World Opening Weekend Box Office Numbers!

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What was bigger than the ferocious Barney’s and Baby Bops running around in the new “Jurassic World” movie? The money it brought in that damaged the freaking box office, that what! Jurassic World took a big bite out of the box office that landed them beyond #1 and broke some records.


The fourth addition to the Jurassic Park legend had the biggest worldwide opening weekend ever! The film brought home $511.8 million in its debut around the world putting it at the all-time highest gross in its debut weekend. This, of course, puts it at the top of the list in every country it premiered in. I guess everyone was completely satisfied with dinosaurs walking the earth again this weekend. “Dinosaurs are fascinating to everyone,” said Nick Carpou, president of domestic distribution at Universal. “It’s cross-cultural.”

Domestically, Jurassic World grossed $207.4 million breaking every box office record in the month of June and already made a profit in its first weekend off of the $150 million it took to make the film. It also had the second biggest domestic debut in history only trailing the $314 million racked up by “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2.”

Chris Pratt and the crew will go from running from Raptors to running to the bank after this massive blockbuster.


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