Just Kickin It with Fashion Jams Designer Jorita Johnson

Just Kickin It with Fashion Jams Designer Jorita Johnson

Written by: Mark Pollard

Fashion Jams 2016 is literally a day away, and we can’t wait for you guys to witness this years showcase filled with some of the most talented up and coming fashion designers the Atlanta area has to offer. With that being said here’s a young and dope designer you should all check out because if, not for her eclectic and cool personality don’t intrigue you enough, her clothing and style definitely will. Meet Jorita Johnson, a 29-year-old Designer originally from Mobile, Alabama currently killing the fashion scene in Atlanta. With a background in fashion and design, Johnson is more than ready to showcase her bold and daring designs at this year’s Fashion Jams.

“I’m very excited, I haven’t done a fashion show in almost two years, so I’m trying to just, you know get back on the scene. I actually did a show with Kontrol many years ago, I think it was 2011, but I enjoyed it.”

Johnson goes on to confirm expectations of her dope collection for this year’s showcase.

Just Kickin It with Fashion Jams Designer Jorita Johnson“My collection is very street chic, so you guys can expect a lot of fleece, cleavage, denim and overall just a complete Chic X Street showcase. I don’t want to say too much, but you guys can expect to see a lot of dope pieces.”

In a world she calls her own, Planet JAG to be exact, Johnson explains the reason why her already dope collection has an even more, eclectic name to go along with it.

“Planet JAG stands for Jorita, Air, and Gravity, and it’s basically just a world I created on my own.”

“It was actually called Yes Is In The Making, a long time ago. However Planet JAG is just a dope world where I can be myself, a little world of chic fashion, and I feel safe there.”

So who’s the ideal woman to kill the scene in Johnson’s Planet JAG’s designs? Well, a bold one of course, to say the least.

“It’s funny because everytime I would show my collection or pieces from it people would always tell me, it’s a girl out there for you, but no one would ever know who the girl would be lol, and I didn’t know whether to take it as a compliment or what but one word I would probably say that describes the type of girl to rock my clothing is bold. It’s that girl who’s out there and does whatever she wants. A girl who is bold and daring.”

Just Kickin It with Fashion Jams Designer Jorita JohnsonUsually, designers have a whole plethora of explanations when it comes to what inspires them, but as for Johnson, hers is a little more personal.

“You know in the past I would design a lot for everyone else, but yet I noticed that the stuff I would make, I wouldn’t even wear. So for this collection, I’m inspired by me. I decided to just dig into myself and out of that came my inspiration. So basically I’m my own inspiration lol.”

Johnson Continues,

“I’m a little weird, everyone doesn’t always understand me or my style but its cool somebody is going to love it one day.”

Indeed they will. Jorita Johnson is the definition of dope. Her talent has been foreseen for her since her high school days in tailoring class and she’s now about to see the fruits of her labor with this dope collection debuting at Fashion Jams this weekend. So what’s next for Johnson do you ask?

Just Kickin It with Fashion Jams Designer Jorita Johnson“I want to be one of the best, I want a chain of stores but as of short term goals, I really want a dope showroom and to just do a lot of collaborations with all kinds of talented people.”

Check out Jorita Johnson and her Planet JAG showcase December 9th at the 2016 7th Annual Kontrol Magazine Presents Fashion Jams: Beauty & The Beat. Tickets are available now at kontrolmagjams2016.eventbrite.com, hurry and get them this year’s showcase is going to be lit! Also check out more of Planet JAG on Instagram @Planet_Jag and the online shop, your dope for reading.

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