Just Say No To Cracked Lips

Please, do not walk around this Fall/Winter season with cracked lips.


Recently, there was a slight change in the temperature outside. This could be due to the recent storms in the news. In any event, the wind was blowing and the sun did not seem as blazing hot. One thing came to mind: September is here. All I could think about was pea coats, sweaters, scarves and chapped, cracked lips.


A pet peeve and/or irrational fear, outside of being smelly, is being out in public with cracked lips. Being cracked and crusty just ain’t cute. No matter how much you take care of your body, you should never forget your lips. No one will want to kiss you if you walk around with white, crusty and cracked lips due to a lack of moisture. Below are just a couple of recommendations to follow. And no, do not lick your lips like LL Cool J because you would only make your lips look worse and you’d also look like a walking thirst trap, with crackhead lips.

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The first step in maintaining sexy lips is to exfoliate. Yes, you can remove the dead skin from your lips the same way you can remove it from your body. You can use a DIY sugar scrub or a store-bought scrub. If you do this during your normal skin care routine, it would be a seamless process.

Just apply the scrub to your lips and scrub. Once finish, just rinse off with water.

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Lip balm, lip oil or petroleum jelly. Take your pick. The goal is to make sure your lips do not feel or look cracked. Caring for your lips is a year-round job, but you really have to pay attention to them during the colder months when the conditions are a bit harsher. You can have something for home and when you are on the go.

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