Just In Time for Christmas…B2K’s Raz-B is Back–On A Sex Tape!

It has been awhile since we heard anything from former B2K member, Raz-B. After you see his tape you will wish you still had not heard or seen anything else from him. Whereas Omarion and Fizz seem to be trying to make their comebacks with new music and appearances on reality television; Raz-B’s career has been lackluster and wrought with drama. Now, a sex tape has surfaced with the singer and an as of yet unknown woman engaging in oral sex! The video is amateurish and he is clearly under the influence of some chemical substance. In fact this video looks more like a cry for help than any form of sexual entertainment. Perhaps he is even trying to put a stop to the rampant gay rumors surrounding him.

B2K band members (l-r) Fizz, Omarion, Raz-B, J-Boog

It is always sad to see a former heart throb sink to the depths of despair. This, however, takes the cake when it comes to Raz-B. Naturally, all of his former band mates have been silent with the release of this footage. We only hope this clear cry for attention and an attempt to remain relevant will compel him to get some help instead. A sex tape may have done wonders for Kim Kardashian, but remember she is the exception and not the rule! Awhile back it was rumored he would be making an appearance on VH-1’s “Love & Hip-Hop Hollywood” soon. Let us just hope he makes an appointment with Dr. Drew first!

You can find a snippet of the sex tape on Worldstar Hip-Hop Uncut!

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