Justin Bieber–Racist? Disturbing Video #2 Says So!

Black, and still suffering from “Bieber Fever?” Well here is your cure! A SECOND, we repeat SECOND video has surfaced of music’s bad boy, Justin Bieber using the N-word and joking about joining the Ku Klux Klan. Apparently, when he was younger (with that horrible and trademarked bowl shaped hair cut) did a parody of his hit song, “One Less Lonely Girl.” Cool right? Wrong! He parodied it by renaming it “One Less Lonely Nigger.” Sources say this all happened when he was fourteen and saw someone parodying the song online and decided to do one himself–on camera. Everyone involved claims he immediately realized afterwards he was wrong. Justin’s team wants everything out in the open concerning these videos, claiming the artist is ready own up to what he has done. In actuality, Justin is only ready to own up for what he has done to the numerous attempts to extort him with the videos. They know how important his Black celebrity friends are to him, and how his “street cred” would bank to zero over allegations of him being a racist. Superstars, Usher Raymond and Will Smith, are just two of his “Black friends.” Surprisingly, the former, who is also his mentor has been silent about the videos.


It is needless to say Justin Bieber is crossing the line of no return! Even if he has apologized and released “formal statements of regret.” Using the N-word is never okay for anyone. Does he not know who Paula Then mentioning The Ku Klux Klan–America’s oldest hate group responsible for the deaths of thousands of African-Americans is unacceptable. There’s nothing funny about this. Honestly, anyone with Beiber fever after all this might need to request a CAT scan for stupidity.

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