K. Michelle sympathizes with Mimi Faust over Nikko scandal

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It’s no mystery that  K. Michelle and Mimi Faust have been anything but kind to each other in the past year because of  Faust’s relationship with Nikko London. But after Monday night’s explosive episode of “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta,” in which Faust learned that Nikko is already married, K. Michelle, shockingly, showed Faust sympathy on Twitter.

For months, rumor shave been flying that Nikko was already a married man, and when Faust confronted Nikko about the rumors during Monday night’s episode he readily admitted to them. Making matters worse was the fact that his former roommate and BFF, Johnny Crome, then told Faust that Nikko set her up to make multiple sex tapes to leak to the public for money.

K. Michelle - Mimi Sympathy Tweet 1

Even more surprising was the fact that Faust responded in turn with a friendly tweet of her own.

Mimi Faust - K Michelle Sympathy Tweet

The brief exchange ended with K. Michelle posting another friendly tweet, which Faust later retweeted.

K. Michelle - Mimi Sympathy Tweet 2

I’m happy to see these to try to get along. Hopefully this will lead to them rebuilding their friendship that was destroyed over a man. What are your thoughts?

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