K. Michelle thinks Elle Varner stole her song and style

k and elle

K. Michelle had tons to get off her chest about the beef she has with Elle Varner that involves Meek Mills. She sat with Ebro from Hot 97 and unleashed all the tea. Coming from her perspective, Elle Varner stole her song (“Cold Case”) and tried to be a “little K” after her bad breakup with NBA player Iman Shumpert.

K. speaks on Elle supposedly stealing her song:

I had a record. It was my favorite record. It was “Ride Out” on my album and I wasn’t allowed to put out that record because management said the record was already too big. I’m supposed to be the little black girl singing about heartbreak and down and out and f–k n—as. I’m not supposed to grow and be me because they place you in a lane and want you to stay in that lane and I refused. So I had this record and it was too big. Too big of a record.

I played that record for my friend [Elle] at that time. The next thing I knew she threw off her shoes and said, ‘Oh my God, this is a great record.’ So, when she went through her breakup with Iman [Shumpert],  she was searching for an identity. She wanted to be more sexy. She started wearing wigs. She started hanging around me and she started to curse and say, ‘I’m the real bad girl.’ Okay, b—h you can have that. I’m trying to get out of being the bad girl. You see how much fun it is getting talked about every day. Right now they think you sell Girl Scout cookies every day so fine.

But she played me a record. She said, ‘You like the record?’ I said, ‘That’s my record. Ain’t nobody yodeling on the hooks but me.’ Then you went to the same producers. I came to [her] like a woman. I said, ‘This is my record. You can’t put that out. That sounds like me.’ [She copied my style.] But I said it to you as a friend in a proper manner. I said it to management in a proper manner.

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K. speaks on Elle supposedly receiving preferential treatment from their management company:

She started with the blonde wigs and we’d go to the club doing all this [dancing] like what are you doing? You’re off beat and it don’t work. After all that I go to my management and I just kind of express the concern. They promised me it would be handled, but she’s the princess of that management because I’m the bad guy. I take the bad guy all the time but I’m the only one making money over there paying for the lights and stuff. [They] tell me, ‘Oh, we don’t like that record. That record ain’t gon’ come out.’ The next thing I hear, she’s singing it.

So when I look up and you have her sing this record and you’re supposed to be protecting the both of us. It was always favorites. No one thought me coming from reality TV that it was going to go that far. So when I’m the only one booking shows every week and paying 20 percent commission and you can say, ‘Elle Varner the queen of MBK.’ Hm. I’mma move back.

K. speaks on the Meek Mill beef:

I did have a crush on Meek. We do that. You know that as my friend, me and Meek do this. You get on Twitter and say, ‘Yeah Meek tried to talk to me and I swerved him.’ Okay, why would you do that to your friend? But I’m the crazy one. I’m the mean one. I let it slide.[…]She wanted attention because we don’t give a f–k about that India.Arie a– music. No offense against India.Arie because I love her. We like India because she’s India. [Elle’s] not India. Go sit down trying to be K. Michelle and India with the guitar. It just don’t work.


It was so many shots fired in this interview that everyone in the room should have been wearing bulletproof vests. I vote for less juvenile discussions and more details on new music and her VH1 musical.  I hope Elle doesn’t even respond to any of this.

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