K. Michelle vs. #TeamLilKim over ‘The Queen of Rap’

The feelings and claws were out on Twitter following the anticipated VMA’s.  K. Michelle logged on to send kudos over to Nicki Minaj for her performances and ended up in tweet off against #TeamLilKim, then mama Lil Kim eventually chimed in.

K.  Michelle simply tweeted, “Yessss to the Queen of Rap. Nicki did that! Jessie J sings her face all the way off #Salute.”  All hell broke loose following.

K Michelle 1 K Michelle Lil kim tweet

I don’t if anyone was expecting this one. In the past, K. Michelle has showed mad love to Kimmy.  She even named her rap alter ego Lil Kim because  she envied her swagger and said the lyrics “I’ma throw shade, if I can’t get paid” plays in her head whenever she spazzes out.

However, it seems both ladies agreed to disagree without letting the beef become overly ridiculous.  There has been numerous talks about a K. Michelle and Lil Kim collaboration so I’d hate to see it go up in smoke over something trivial.

At some point I’d love to see real unity and empowerment amongst the women in the entertainment industry. They could literally take over if they stop worrying about each other and focus on their positions as a whole.

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