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‘A Kandi Burruss Wedding ‘ Recap: Mama Joyce and Mama Sharon Face-Off

‘A Kandi Burruss Wedding ‘ Recap: Mama Joyce and Mama Sharon Face-Off

The moment we all been waiting for since Kandi’s Wedding special has started, Todd’s mother and Mama Joyce go toe-to-toe.

Whether you are team Burruss or team Tucker, a good confrontation is always a tad bit entertaining.

Sharon, Todd’s mom, is aware of Joyce’s treatment towards Todd, but the recent allegations that Joyce made about the Tucker’s and it didn’t sit well with her. The first two episode’s Joyce has been vocal about being aware of Todd’s father’s past, because a few people in the “streets” brought it to her attention.Todd repeated to his mom that Joyce has been saying that Todd’s deceased father was a pimp.

During a dinner set up for the two families, Sharon didn’t waste no time in confronting Joyce.“I know you speak very negatively about my child,” Sharon says to Joyce.

The conversation continued to get worse, when the two got up and start yelling at each other. Sharon brought up the situation on when Joyce allegedly tried to “set up” Todd. Just like she did with Todd, Joyce denied that she set him up but admitted to having someone follow him.

As the conversation got heated Joyce’s finger starts waving in her Sharon’s face, then Sharon calls Joyce a “b*tch.” Oh did I mention that Kandi kept quiet through the confrontation like usual!?

The two women then get separated. Joyce then begins to victimize herself, and starts acting like the b-word was a horrible thing to say, as if she never called Todd’s mom a hoe! She also takes advantage of the situation, to tell everyone that she doesn’t think Todd is the right guy to marry Kandi.

Sharon and Joyce finally get put back together. Sharon apologized to Joyce for calling her the b-word, but of course Joyce rejects acceptance to her apology. The family tried to resume dinner where it first left off, but Joyce bad attitude carries on through out the whole dinner.

But Joyce and Sharon are not the only two who went at it this episode. Carmon and Kandi’s matron of honor Tan also had some words with eachother. Kandi’s bridemaid’s got together for some food and drinks( Phaedra and Rasheeda were in attendance).

After discussing plans for the bachelorette party, Tan confronts Carmon about issues she had with Mama Joyce. Tan doesn’t believe that Carmon should have discussed her issues with Joyce during Kandi’s wedding dress fitting. She is blaming Carmon for not letting Joyce’s comments slide. When one of the bridesmaids see that the issue isn’t going to resolve, she quickly gets the argument to dissolve.

Can everyone just get along for Kandi’s sake?



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