Kanye Apologizes for BBMA Performance

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After being introduced by his sisters’ in-law Kendall and Kylie Jenner, Kanye West closed the Billboard Music Awards.

kanyewest For those who attended the BBMAs it seemed that the performance went pretty well. Jennifer Lopèz bounced and smiled throughout his performance.

Kanye performed “All Day” and “Black Skinhead” with a lot of pyrotechnics. For the viewers at home all they could see was the sparks and fire that seemed to over power the cameras lenses.

If the visual wasn’t enough of a problem, at-home viewers had to listen to censored versions of Yeezy’s songs that would make you cringe in disbelief.

It sounded as if all the rapper did was curse during the entire show. West’s repre2015 Billboard Music Awards - Roaming Showsentatives say the performance was “seriously misrepresented.”

Reportedly a source told TMZ that Kanye did not rehearse before the show.

West’s reps issued a statement that said, “Kanye West was grossly over-censored at the Billboard Music Awards. Non-profane lyrics such as ‘with my leather black jeans on’ were muted for over 30 second intervals.”

Twitter exploded with memes and commentary on the G.O.O.D. Music rapper’s fiery performance.

The representative statement went on to say, It is ridiculous that in 2015, unwarranted censorship is something that artists still have to fight against.

Although West was clearly set up to face elements beyond his control during the live broadcast, he would like to apologize to the television audience who were unable to enjoy the performance the way he envisioned.”

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