Kanye serves his time his own way

Earlier this year Mr. West was ordered to 24 months of informal probation and 250 hours of community service. But the question is how is Kanye serving his time? We all know orange is the new black, but Kanye took a different route with this one. Instead he is serving his time by teaching at design schools.


This monday the rapper spent his third day at the L.A Trade Technical College mentoring aspiring designers, along with sharing is experience about breaking through the industry for himself.


I’m sure everyone remembers why Mr. West was charged in the first place. Well, remember that video that went viral of him attacking a report at LAX? In July 2013, West was charged with battery and attempted grand theft after being involved in an altercation with a photographer. 

kanye 55

Even though Kanye has time to serve  he is making it a priority he is not wasting it. Let us know your thoughts!

Ty Coleman

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