Kanye West And adidas Sees Boost In Revnue With Yeezy Sneaks

Humble with a side of Yeezy…

When Grammy winning rapper Kanye West isn’t making headlines for being an honorary doctorate recipient, he’s creating noise in either his music; or in this case, his partnership with adidas.

According to Complex, adidas A-game for the first quarter has been lacking about as much as many of us scratching our heads over Kylie Jenner and Tyga dating.  No less, it turns out adidas has seen an increase in sales given success from shoeline Reebok and CrossFit.

Herbert Hainer, who serves as the company’s CEO, explained in a conference call that working with both West and “Happy” producer Pharrell Williams brought revenue to a modest increase.

Hainer said:

“The adidas Superstar quickly became the shoe of the season. And the global launch of the Supercolor pack, the introduction of the Superstar Silver in 50 different colorways, in cooperation with Pharrell Williams, has brought the franchise to new levels,” he said. “The launch of the Yeezy Boost, our first shoe developed in collaboration with Kanye West, [caused] long queues formed in front of stores. And let’s not forget the success of the newly launched Tubular and the latest version of the ZX Flux. All of this drove an aggressive 29 percent sales increase at adidas Originals.”

In addition to their names assisting the jump, the company’s running group gained a spurt by 13 percent for the Ultra Boost shoe.

Ultra Boost from adidas via COMPLEX

Well, in other news…somewhere the adidas shell toe is still a classic. Also, you can cop the Yeezy running shoe (seriously, do you really want to hoop in this shoe?) here.

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