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Is Kanye West being demonized by the media?

Is Kanye West being demonized by the media?

Kanye West is the poster-child for the slogan “the person everyone loves to hate.”  It appears the media takes every opportunity to make him the bad guy.  In years past, he made it easy for them but he’s been under the radar lately. Why won’t people let him be great?

kanye west mask

Rumors circulated the blogosphere with claims of Kanye stopping his concert last Friday in Sydney, Australia because people in wheelchairs wouldn’t stand.  During every performance of “Good Life,” he employs the crowd to stand and get caught up in the rapture of Yeezus.

‘I can’t go on with this song if there’s people in here sitting down unless y’all sitting down because y’all handicapped.”

“Unless y’all have handicapped parking?” 

Unknowingly to Kanye, the reason some people weren’t standing was because they had ailments.  Someone with a flashlight, possibly security,  confirmed one of the concert goers was in a wheelchair, while the other person in question raised his prosthetic leg for Ye to see.  Once satisfied that everyone was complying to this request, Yeezy continued the show.


Soon thereafter the tweets started going out…

Kanye tweet

Kanye tweet1



…and the media immediately jumped on the story making Kanye out to be the vilan.  However, videos clearly show he continued the song after learning the two people in question couldn’t stand.

One website even posted that they spoke to a concertgoer that attested to the fact Kanye wasn’t being intentionally offensive and the entire situation was blown out of proportion.  However, that tidbit of golden information was the last line of the story after a very misleading title and post.

Newly married and the father of a beautiful baby girl, you can visually see the change in Kanye.  He smiles more, and spazzes less. I believe he’s trying to shed his past but the media won’t allow him too. He did bring some of this on himself, however, everyone should be given the opportunity to their best self. Super talented and creative beings are sometimes looked upon as insane because they don’t know how to channel that passion. Add the fact that Yeezy is from Chicago where we all think our opinion matters and being outspoken is how you survive, it’s a no brainer why he is the way he is.

I can only cross my fingers and pray he doesn’t love his spirit and creativity trying to quiet himself too much to be understood.



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