Kanye West drops $60k On Gifts For North!


Looks like daddy’s little girl is going to be shining brighter than the star on top of the Christmas tree Christmas morning. Kanye has reportedly spent a ton of money on his daughter North for Christmas.

Kanye reportedly spent approximately  $60,000 on North West this Christmas. He spent $50k on a diamond-encrusted tiara and around $6k on a matte-black mini-SUV to match his matte black SUV.

It doesn’t come as a big surprise for most people who know Kanye as he is big on giving elaborate gifts to his loved ones. He gave his wife Kim a  Hermes Birkin bag customized by George Condo last Christmas and another Birkin bag customized by North for her birthday. So it’s only right that he go above and beyond for his little princess, too. He’s even started designing a wedding ring for North.

It’s pretty clear that Kanye is pretty excited about being a father and although the gifts are little too extravagant for a one year old, it is adorable to see a father spoil his daughter rotten. North is a pretty lucky girl I must say. Bravo Mr. Yeezus, Bravo!


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