Kanye West Goes On A Twitter Rant After Jimmy Kimmel Spoof

Sister Kanye West is at it again. Last night he took to Twitter to let comedian and late night host Jimmy Kimmel that he wasn’t amused by the spoof of his recent interview with the BBC. I guess when someone types in all CAPS that means their angry and an angry bird Yeezus was which I don’t understand why…I watched the spoof and it was funny. At this point, the antics that he pulls on the regular is no longer “funny” and he needs help immediately.

It is beyond a personality disorder and from MY viewpoint, him impregnating the biggest publicity whoremonger(and dealing with the family in general) has done nothing for his mental being. Kanye doesn’t look happy, doesn’t sound happy and we all know that the death of his mother rocked him to the core but at what point does that “excuse” subside? What say ye? Why do you think Kanye is having such a hard time?












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