Kanye West’s “Calabasas Inspired Collection” Sells Out In Under 5Min

Kanye West‘s Calabasas Collection is here! The collection finally made its debut via YeezySupply.com. According to sources, A simple tweet prompted the release of the highly anticipated collection. In press, ASAP Nast was photographed in a few of the collection’s pieces for a Daniel Regan-captured shoot co-starring model Ganna Bogdan. With a dope Calabasas zine and even sneak peaks of the garment in last season’s fashion week, it was no surprise that the anticipation for this collection would spill over into one of the fastest selling collections thus far this year. Yes, Kanye’s Calabasas Collection has already sold out! Kanye West’s collection of “Calabasas”-themed clothing for Yeezy x Adidas, which dropped March 28th, reportedly sold out in less than five minutes.

The collection that featured jewel-toned sweats separates, socks, black baseball cap, white sneakers, and an enamel pin, is sold out.
It was easy to miss, though The unisex collection, which was exclusively available at yeezysupply.com, launched without any publicity. Pulling a Beyonce move huh, Kanye? Even, Kim Kardashian West made an Instagram post in reference to “CALABASAS YEEZYSUPPLY.COM.” Even today the website only features sold out items. Looks like this collection is one for the books, and definitely a power move for Yeezy, and if your one of the ones who hesitated on checking this collection out….your bad bro. Check out the images of this record breaking collection down below. Your dope for reading.

Kanye West's collection of "Calabasas"-themed clothing for Yeezy x AdidasKanye West's collection of "Calabasas"-themed clothing for Yeezy x Adidas
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