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Karrianna Turner: A Woman on a Service Mission

Karrianna Turner: A Woman on a Service Mission

Karrianna Turner is creating a major platform for the next generation of young women. Turner’s work within leadership, professional development and self-love has allowed her to create a voice for young women who have not found their own but are definitely on their way.

Although Turner currently resides in Atlanta, GA, she is a Las Vegas native who has not forgotten her roots and plans to extend her work there.

“Location really can shape who you are. Atlanta has a different culture than Las Vegas. Atlanta is more education driven with women in many leadership roles. Whereas in Las Vegas, education is not pushed. You are more than likely to go into the hotel industry. There is not as much culture in Las Vegas. I’m comfortable being [in Atlanta] but I am planning a conference in Las Vegas. There are women there who deserve what I offer such as strategic goal setting. I like [women] to walk away with things to position them to move forward,” said Turner.

Turner was a born leader. She displayed this as a little girl and after a not so positive experience she had while in the work place, she decided that her leadership would be a guide for other young women.

“My first job after college, I thought I would have a mentor to be able to go to. It didn’t work that way. It seemed like it became more territorial where she felt I was trying to take something,” said Turner.

With that, she determined that she would make experiences for young women much different than her own.

“I wanted to create a space where young women could grow,” said Turner.

As a result, Turner is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Twenty 20 Something, Inc., a young women’s leadership development organization which assists young women how to survive in a society where sexism, discrimination and economic disparities are prevalent. Turner created this organization to allow future women leaders to embrace their inner beauty and embark their dreams to their best of their abilities while guiding them educationally, economically, spiritually, politically and socially. One of Turner’s projects includes “Fierce Vision”, which is conducted on college campuses and encourages young women to expand on skills such as public speaking.

“We go to college campuses and girls have vision boards and presentations. There was a girl who was like, ‘I don’t know if I can do this.’ Now that girl is talking everywhere. She is actually going to South Africa for an internship. Its experiences like that that I enjoy,” said Turner.

A woman of the sorority Alpha Kappa Alpha Incorporated, Turner holds service at college campuses near to her heart.

“AKA has an awesome role in my life. You have to think about the time it was founded where there was racism and being connected gives me a sense of resilience and pride. It has helped me have a stronger sense of helping other women. That is what remains at my heart. It really is service to all mankind,” said Turner.

Also an Ordained Minister, Turner has arrived in her career and keeps her faith close to her as well. She explained that while Oprah is one of her role models, her biggest role model is the Creator.

“We live in a culture where we want to emulate everyone but my biggest role model is the Creator. “Be open to hear, see and feel in _MG_2307p[1]the Spirit because that is going to guide you,” said Turner.

Just as she has arrived, she has a story as to how she got to where she is today and mentioned that it is not about the fact that you have arrived, but the experiences that you went through to get you to your arrival. There will be obstacles along the way but in order to arrive you must overcome them.

“Greatness has stages, there will be mistakes along the way,” said Turner.

With a background in leadership, spiritually, socially and politically Turner is paving the way for the young women in Atlanta and in other cities as well such as Las Vegas, Chicago and New York City. As she continues on her path to influence others she encourages women to follow their own path and be true to themselves.

“Create your own agenda, there are so many different things that tell [young women] what they have to be, media, TV and people. There are no failures, only mistakes so live the life that you want to live while on their path. Be free and relax,” said Turner.






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