Karrueche Tran and Brian White Star in “Only 4 One Night”

Seems like the acting bug has got a hold of our girl Karrueche Tran – the social media personality and entrepreneur can now add ‘budding actress’ to her resume as she will soon be showcasing her talents in a new film starring opposite Scandal alum, Brian White.

Brian White A P

In the film, Karreuche stars as Chloe, a woman who seems to have the perfect life, and a loving husband to share it with. But when Chloe extends a helping hand to her sister in need Caroline, (portrayed by Angelique Pereira), she watches her life fall apart when her jealous sister drops a few pills into her husband’s drink, and sleeps with him. After that, Chloe has to deal with a roller coaster ride full of crazy ex-side piece emotions that could possibly end with all three of them catching a case.

Can you say Fatal Attraction 2.0?!

When speaking about this new role, Karrueche couldn’t help but to beam and tell how much the role means to her:

“Yeah, I think people are starting to see me for me and who I am, as opposed to social media and all the BS and extra stuff. The more I keep working, the more that’ll all be exed out.”


The film is set to air on BET sometime this Fall and from the premise and trailer alone, I know I’ll be waiting to see it. I’m happy Karrueche is slowly but surely getting to her happy place.


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