KASUAL KONVOS with the women behind Bovanti Cosmetics!

Screen Shot 2016-10-08 at 10.16.15 AMBovanti Cosmetics is known for its ultimate beauty experience! Sitting down and talking with Marquis and Marquel Bohannon was pleasurable as we got to know the history of their business, goals, and fun makeup tips. Marquel Bohannon stated “we’re the second generation of the Bovanti empire…we’ve been in business for 34 years…ourparents started this our corporate office is based here in Atlanta. We have locations in Greensboro, NC, Charlotte, NC, and two locations in Atlanta Georgia.” The Bohannon sisters have now taken the role to help expand the family business. “Bovanti will be a worldwide name, LA, DC, New York, all over…this is just the beginning!”  Hampton graduate Marquis states “we like our exclusive stores and would love to branch out to department stores, we want to keep our line premium. We are swiftly expanding!” The prestige line will now be seen largely on social media, Bovanti TV show on AIB-TV, beauty tours, Bovanti APP, and instructional dvds.


Bovanti’s mission is to empower women with beauty and confidence! Question is, who is the ideal women that can wear Bovanti? “We aim towards everybody! Our products are for anyone. We have a perfect match foundation that’s made for any completion.” The Bovanti Cosmetics Empire are a well-known brand! Marquel Bohannon, who is the celebrity makeup artist recently released a DVD showing the steps to achieve the perfect Bovanti look. The opening of their new store at Cumberland Mall was nothing less than amazing. Kontrol got to witness their makeup artist do a live demo using the brand on everyday women. The sisters stated, “before any artist work on the floor, we train them into Bovanti Beauty Stars…throughout the year it’s ongoing training.”


bovanti dvdAfter talkingbusiness we geared to beauty talk! What do the sister’s love most about makeup? “it enhances your natural beauty and when you look good you feel good!” Asking the sisters what their favorite products from the Bovanti line? Marquel stated “my favorite products come from the skincare line. It helps to improve your skin texture and acne scars…the vitamin C skin care system helps your overall skin. I enjoy it and love it!” she also stated, “I’m a licensed esthetician so skincare is my main thing.” Marquis stated “my favorite product which is new to our line is our liquid lips. You can eat, kiss, and drink with this. All day I want to make sure I have a color on my lips and I don’t have to retouch it.” Since we are at the beginning of a new season Kontrol asked, what are your Fall must haves? “metallic liquid lips, they are hot right now…especially dark colors. Also, foundation sticks and bronzer…they are good for contouring and perfect for fall.” What one product you couldn’t live without? Both ladies sisters said with laughter “brows! My brow powder…we got to do our brows.” The ladies have numerous locations for many to explore, make sure you check out Bovanti cosmetics!


Website: bovanti.com

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Leah Gordone

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Leah Gordone is an published writer and full-time content contributor to YouTube and Kontrol Magazine. She has been known for her beauty videos, college vlogs and crazy storytime videos on YouTube. Not only is she a rising star in the cyber world but she is also an educator. Gordone has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications and Speech and upon completion of a Master's in Education in School Counseling. Instagram/Twitter/YouTube @leahgordone

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