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How to keep your mate into you and only you

How to keep your mate into you and only you

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In a generation of side chicks and basic broads, loyal women are on edge because you never know when one of them are coming for your man. They leave no room for slacking because they’re content getting any little piece of what you neglect. Don’t worry about the basics! Here are a few tips to keep your man faithful and totally into you:

Remember your beauty isn’t enough to hold his attention.

It takes more than physical beauty to keep your man faithful and tuned into you. A pretty face comes a dime a dozen. Can you hold an intellectual conversation? Do you have goals? Can he talk to you about real life struggles and not just material things? You have to establish a deep emotiona l connection . Being a bad bitch in a banging Instagram boutique dress isn’t enough to keep his attention. What can you offer that the next female can’t? Please don’t say sex. All women are born with a vagina, yours is nothing different. It’s the mind and heart attached to that thang that makes him stay.


beauty is only skin deep

Make sure your beauty inside matches the outside.

Nothing distorts your gorgeous exterior like a mean, nasty and hateful interior. No matter how physically beautiful you are, it will always be foreshadowed by an unnecessarily negative and shallow personality. Please remember beauty is only skin deep. While you’re out here feeling yourself and acting like God’s gift to earth, a “regular” chick is out here stealing your boo thing with a “regular” face/body and a pure heart. BOOP! Appreciate the person you’re with. Let them know you’re grateful for them adding value to your life. black couple 2

Put it down in the bedroom.

Yes, you’re appreciative and tell them how you feel on a regular but nothing beats a show and tell session in the bedroom. Your mouth speaks volumes but let your body tell them what it really is. When they leave your legion of doom, they should know whole-heartedly that you care about them in every sense of the word. Fulfill his every desire (and yours !) so there’s no need to stray. Have him messing up reports the next day at work because he’s still entranced from your spell.

Do all the things you did to get them, to keep them.



When you have a special someone on your radar, you’re on POINT. Physical appearance is up to par, heart is open, and nothing is more important than finding time to spend with the apple of your eye. After you get comfortable and life happens, it’s so easy to forget those things. Getting comfortable is the devil’s work. Don’t do it, reconsider! Still keep your hair and nails done. Still meet him at the door in nothing but a coke and a smile. Sacrifice when you’re tired and pull those pots out while cooking in nothing but a smile and 6 inch heels. If he’s worth it, it’s worth it.


Simply, LISTEN.

Be there at the times of his struggles. Be his shoulder and sacred place from the world that beats him down. Be his peace when all he wants is a quiet space with his thoughts. Just be THERE for your best friend.

Hopefully these tips will keep everyone’s home happy and the basics away from your doorsteps. Here’s to happy relationships with longevity!


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