Keeping Watch: Watches that will make your timepiece into a conversation starter

Keeping Watch
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Keeping Watch: Watches have been used for centuries to accurately track time, make a bold fashion statement, and even to spark up a conversation. A watch  is an essential part of an outfit. After all, a great fitting watch  has the power to transform a regular outfit into a spectacular one and can provide a major boost in confidence. As a result, most of us are willing to spend a sizeable amount of cash when shopping for the perfect watch because we know that not all watches are created equally.  What time is it!?

Various Chopard Watch
Chopard Watch


For years we’ve seen watches conquer our wrists, one inch after the next, slowly making their way onto our forearms, whether being dripped in diamonds or keeping it basic with a solid black leather band. The functions of watches vary vastly as some are quite minimal, simply telling you the accurate time, while others are “Fly & Fancy” to have a built-in-camera, GPS, WIFI options, microphone, touchscreen and some other really cool features too.

Diamond Rolex Watch
Rolex Watch

Depending on your budget, watches can be purchased in virtually all price ranges. Rolex and Chopard are world-renowned watchmakers who specialize in creating beautiful timepieces that are viewed more as fine jewelry.  However, not everyone is in the market for jewelry or can afford $8,000 for a watch. Many are looking to follow current fashion trends or to sport watches that reflect their lifestyles, so if that is your situation, you can always opt for a less expensive route such as a Guess or Michael Kors brand which range from $119-$395


So, whether you are a Big Baller or a Frugal Fashionista, always remember this quote, “To be early is to be on time, and to be on time is to be late, and to be late is out of the question”. So  save your coins, and show up  in elegance and style.


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