KeKe Palmer New Talk Show is a Hit!!

Written By: Whitney J. (@__whitney.j)


KeKe Palmer has a new midday talk show entitled, #JustKeKe, is a hip new show geared to the “loss” young adult generation. She started the show by saying that she hopes to use the show as a platform for this generation to finally have a voice and speak out on the issues. #JustKeke has a fun energetic feel that I’m sure allows the in house crowd the opportunity to let loose!

keke6 keke5

The show featured segments on double standards, “dumb ass post” and celebrity crushes. Keke had double surprise on the premiere show with an in show FaceTime call from Kevin Hart! Just as Keke was explaining her celebrity crush of Michael Ealy, he surprised her with flowers and a bright smile on the show! KeKe Palmer was quite surprised to say the least. The show went on to feature a rap battle cypher that KeKe definitely seemed to enjoy!

keke4 keke3

This talk show is definitely a breath of fresh air for midday television. I think this was a great move by BET and I plan to support! Congratulations to you Ms. Palmer! We’ve seen you grow into a beautiful young adult and look forward to your future endeavors of displaying your many talents! #JustKeKe #BlackGirlsRock


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