Kelly Osbourne’s Clothing Line is Making A Statement!

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We know exactly what you’re thinking: this is another celebrity-turned-designer trying to make a quick buck off of their name and fame. But as a fashionista herself, an E! fashion correspondent, and a member of the hit show Fashion Police, it seemed very appropriate that Kelly Osbourne add fashion designer to her resumé. We admit that we are sometimes a bit skeptical of celebrities who venture out from music, acting, and other platforms to designing a fashion line, but Kelly designing a fashion line seemed right! She already has a very distinct style: purple mohawks and vintage, rocker glam, and this will also give her a chance to put her fashion and style advice and critiques from Fashion Police to the test! We’re excited to see the collection as a complete project!

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What we really love about Kelly’s collection is the concept behind the name of the line and the fact that she wants it to be available to all sizes of women. Her clothing line will be called Stories…by Kelly Osbourne. The concept behind the name was the fact that we all have certain outfits and pieces in our wardrobes that remind us of a special story, whether it was funny, sad, or a happy time. She wants her clothing to also be an item that reminds us of special moments in our lives. She is launching a website soon where we all can shop and also share their stories and history that’s tied to them wearing the clothing. Cute, right?! We also loved that Kelly is very passionate about making her clothing available for women of all sizes, from 0-24, and wants the pieces to be sold as such, having all sizes in stock. All of the pieces are versatile enough to be worn by women of any age and style preference. We also loved that Kelly stated that she wasn’t trying to reinvent fashion or be the next big name, but to  be fair and have a wide range of stylish clothing for every woman.

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We definitely support Kelly’s venture, and can’t wait for it to release on September 25th! What do you all think of Kelly Osbourne’s new line? Leave us a comment and let us know!

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