Kelly Rowland Spotted in Miami with Finace



Kelly Rowland was spotted recently on a Miami beach with fiancé Tim Witherspoon. The newly engaged could shared laughs and cherished intimate time while basking in the sun’s rays. To finally see Kelly happy with a guy who seems genuine is completely heart warming. After revealing her past relationship history in “Dirty Laundry” you only be happy for a woman who has evolved to a good man. Some of us know about those bad seeds we look back at & question what were we thinking. The couple was spotted amongst friends this past Sunday afternoon relaxing and oddly examining blue jellyfish on Timb’s behalf. Kelly on the other hand wasn’t so fascinated.




Kelly proceeded to be a little grossed out, but carried on with more laughter. Something so simple is so cute to see. After dating the bad boy all you want is just the simple good guy on your side. This couple seems to really enjoy one another’s company and hopefully before we know it vows will be exchanged. To see Kelly as a married woman would be by far exciting. Do you thing Beyoncé or LaLa would be the maid of honor. I guess we can only wait and see!


Sebastien "@TheGayBestie" Gaudin

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