Kelly Rowland to Launch Makeup Line!

Kelly Rowland is working on an exciting new project! The songstress is adding yet another title to her ever growing resume. Rowland is teaming up with her makeup artist Sheika Daley to launch a makeup line specifically catered to women of colour. And from Rowland’s perspective it seems like the ladies are in for a great surprise.


“My makeup artist Sheika Daley and I are actually starting a makeup line we’re making sure we make, well, we’re starting off with lashes and then we’re going to have it grow for all women,” mentions Rowland. “But definitely making sure we have our chocolate girls covered. Gotta get the chocolate girls in there! We have to have that, you know. I think Iman has done a beautiful makeup line and I want to do it too!”

There is definitely room for improvement at the beauty counter when it comes to diversity. And while beauty brands are starting to pay attention to the needs of women with darker skin tones—the industry still has a long way to go. Viewers are excited for what’s in store for the upcoming collaboration between Rowland and Daley. There is no word on an official launch date as of yet for the anticipated makeup line but we know we are in for a treat!

Written by Jennifer Joseph

Jennifer Joseph

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