Kelly Rowland’s Got A New ‘Motivation’


Written by Danielle Elaine


If you haven’t already heard, Kelly Rowland is pregnant! That’s right the “second lead singer” of legendary Destiny’s Child has a bun in the oven. Speculations stirred about whether or not the singer was pregnant when she arrived at the Think Like A Man 2 movie premiere, in a loose fitting outfit, chic nevertheless.

The newly Mrs. ,took to Instagram posting a photo of men’s Jordan’s with an itty bitty pair alongside captioned, “I’ll be stuntin like my daddy”. ADORBS!


While super excited for Kelly and her new bundle of joy, it is kind of shocking she took to social media with the news so soon. After all she has been uber private about her relationship thus far.
With celebrity friends like Lorraine Schwartz and Jeanette Jenkins sending congratulations, there is no doubt this news is legitimate.

Here a some Kute KONTROL mom to be tips:

1. Submit to your cravings! It will make you happy, and a happy mom makes for a happy baby.

2. Try prenatal yoga. This is a great way to maintain your figure before and after birth! SNATCHED!

3. Have your hubby rub you down in your favorite body oil. This is a great bonding experience for the THREE of you! It also keeps things sensual between Mom and Dad

4. Stay hydrated! Both mom and baby will need LOTS of water in the coming days. Water not only aids in nutrition but it also wards off fatigue and keeps the skin glowing!

5. Don’t listen to parenting advice! Make your experience your own. Mom and baby always have their own language it’s instinctual!

We wish Kelly and the family much health and happiness!

Isis Nezbeth

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