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Kelz Wright Turns Up The Heat With Flava’s Hot Sauce!

Kelz Wright Turns Up The Heat With Flava’s Hot Sauce!

Flava’s Buffalo Lemon Pepper Hot Sauce

By Sherman Cotton Jr

Flava’s Hot Sauce

I don’t know about you, but I love a bit of spicy twang with my meals. Hot sauce is a must-have staple in many households across the country. From the sweet heat of sriracha to the bold savory flavor of Louisiana hot sauce. Hot sauce remains a staple with various flavor profiles. Although too much hot sauce can leave you scorched!

Everyone always comes back for more, seconds, thirds, or even a fourth, If you’re feeling saucy (no pun intended). As always, any condiment comes with its own personal preference whether that’s savory with no heat, or the complete opposite with quite a copious inferno that will fry your taste buds. The FLAVA’S BUFFALO LEMON PEPPER SAUCE does a splendid job of bringing the heat, but not overwhelming the palate. The name speaks for itself!

FLAVA’S is packed with FLAVOR!

Flava’s Hot Sauce

When I think of the best way to describe the flavor’s that FLAVA’s provides, the first thing that comes to mind is my hometown’s staple, a classic “10-piece hot wing with lemon pepper sprinkle” in a bottle. If you’re from Atlanta, Georgia, or even the metro Atlanta area you know EXACTLY the taste I’m referring to. For those of you who don’t know what I am referring to let me explain. From the sharp tang of vinegar to the spice of habanero pepper, and the vibrant twist of lemon pepper FLAVA’S BUFFALO LEMON PEPPER SAUCE does everything but stamp that ATL “Lemon pepper WET”  seal of approval on the bottle!

Each element seamlessly blends and complements the other.

The only thing that it’s missing is a fresh hot order of crispy, juicy chicken wings to serve with the sauce. FLAVA’S BUFFALO LEMON PEPPER SAUCE is 100% natural with the finest and most nutritious ingredients.

According to flavashotsauce.com “FLAVAS depends first on quality and flavor before anything else. As a premium hot sauce brand, our goal is to have FLAVAS be your new best friend”. And from trying it first hand I can definitely tell you FLAVAS will be a new favorite among family, and friends, and will turn up the heat at any event. FLAVA’S BUFFALO LEMON PEPPER SAUCE comes in three varying levels of spice. “Mild, Medium, and Turn up the heat,” as stated on flavashotsauce.com  

Flava’s Hot Sauce

In my opinion, the star of the trio is “Turn up the heat.

Though my spice tolerance is more resilient than your average individual. I would consider “Turn up the heat still an approachable hot sauce, Moreover, the gradual build of heat doesn’t overwhelm the taste buds. Instead, it intensifies the overall experience of the consumer. In short, the “FLAVA’S BUFFALO LEMON PEPPER SAUCE will leave your taste buds with a pleasant yet memorable appetizing experience. With a short list of high-quality ingredients “FLAVAS is packing flavor.

Now that we have descriptively tantalized your taste buds, Let’s take you behind the scenes to meet the man who started this flavor train of heat, Kelz Wright,  also known as @KELZ based on TikTok and Instagram with a following of more than 700k. 

Flava’s Hot Sauce

Kelz grew to fame by reacting to viral cooking trends and putting his comedic take on them.

In addition, as stated on “flavashotsauce.com/the face behind flavas “Food has always been a passion for Kelz. When he got tired of having to ask for a side of lemon pepper sauce with his buffalo wings he decided just to make it himself. And THAT he did!

With fresh, natural ingredients, and a perfect balance between flavor and spice, FLAVAS buffalo lemon pepper hot sauce was born.” In conclusion from viral trends to now an entrepreneur Kelz Wright is taking the hot sauce world by storm! The gradual build of savory heat will leave you yearning for more!


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