Kendall Jenner Goes Retro for “DAZED Magazine” Photo Spread!

Unlike her infamous older sister, Kim; Kendall Jenner is amassing an impressive body of work by keeping her clothes on! Kris and Bruce Jenner’s little darling is a full fledged woman and a major supermodel in the making. We have watched Kendall (thanks to “Keeping Up With The Kardashians”) grow from a shy little girl to a major fashionista. This latest photo spread really places a new twist on “The Fabulous at Every Age” concept, instead adapting it to “…Every Era.” Yep little Miss Jenner is going retro showcasing styles from the decades of the Twentieth Century.

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The photos were shot by photographer, Ben Toms for “DAZED Magazine.” Each of the pictures really seem to capture a piece of time. Even more interesting is how truly beautiful Kendall is; it takes a special kind of girl to fantastically pull off any look. You get a real feel of why she is in such high demand in the fashion world. I for one am really feeling “The Roaring Twenties” look in green below? Then again, the fifties housewife look is awesome as well. Needless to say I am sure she is not channeling her “Momager” (mom + manager)! Check out a few of the pictures below and pick your favorite. There’s no doubt you will find Kendall cat walking her way to your heart!

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