Kendrick Lamar Debuts “Untitled”

As the week draws nearer to a close, so does the hilarious show “The Colbert Report”  with Stephen Colbert on Comedy Central. And as a special parting gift to his fans and the show, he picked no other than rapper Kendrick Lamar to carry the flag for his final lap.


Kendrick Lamar gave a powerful and groundbreaking performance on a tapped episode of “The Colbert Report”. He debuts his new song titled “Untitled” where he talks about different subjects from the point of view of different genders and races. The song was produced by French producer Astronote which gives off a jazzy, smooth sound that reminds us of Kendrick’s Section .80 project, so original Kendrick Lamar fans should definitely feel this one.

One of the things that make this performance so special besides the classic lines and depth of Kendrick’s words, is the band. With help from Thundercat and Bilal, it made the performance even more groovy and impactful.

There is no word when Kendrick will release the audio version of the song as well as the name or release of his highly anticipated sophomore album but, we will keep you posted as always. In the meantime, you can check out his performance at the link below.—debut-of-untitled-track

Brandon Jordan

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