Kendrick Lamar Joins The Reebok Family!

So much for the Nike Cortez movement. Kendrick Lamar is going back on his word from his infamous “Control” verse and is join Reebok! Last night, Reebok debuted a new campaign around Kendrick called “I Am”. In the video below, Kendrick recites a verse as he walks us through his hometown, Compton sporting a pair of Reebok Ventilators as he shares words of inspiration.

Lamar explains that he’s been a fan of Reebok since the 7th Grade. He recalls the days when Cash Money Records brought Reebok to the forefront of the sneaker world: “The shoe became popular when Cash Money Records hit the scene….Everybody wanted to wear ‘Tee Bo’s and Ree’s’ as the Hot Boys would put it. White Tee, Jabo Jeans, and Reebok Classics.”


Congrats to King Kendrick and Reebok for the new partnership. Be on the look out for great things in the near future from the two. And like always, we will keep you posted.

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