Kenya’s Ex-Boo, Matt Jordan is Allegedly Hulking Out On Everyone!

It would not be a Happy Monday if there was not a bit of celebrity gossip to ease you out of the weekend and into the work week! Well this time our wonderful minions have delivered some crazy news about The Real Housewives of Atlanta’s (RHOA) Kenya Moore’s ex-boyfriend, Matt Jordan. Apparently/allegedly Matt has been dabbling in some not so safe drug choices–steroids and adderall! Now we know the former can “do a body good,” but adderall, used to treat ADHD, if abused can cause  rapid or irregular heartbeat, delirium, panic, psychosis, and heart failure! YIKES!

kenya moore and matt jordan

Now we have heard rumors of the recurring reality star’s drug abuse, Kenya paying him to be on the show (no surprise there), and even him being violent towards Kenya. Shockingly, his assistant, Jaysana, has reached out to Kontrol Magazine’s staff with some serious allegations that support these rumors being actual facts! Check out her revelation to one of Kontrol’s executives below:

matt jordan real housewives of atlanta

matt jordan

This is all messy, but she is not the only person saying Matt is crazy or psychotic. Just last week he went off on Straight From The A’s Michelle Brown when they refused to pay for an interview with him. See it below.

matt jordan and straight from the a

All we can say is this is not a good look at all! Matt’s fifteen minutes of fame will be long gone after the finale of what has been a lackluster season of RHOA. Kenya has been saying he is crazy for a minute now and we are receiving more news  that his assistant will soon leak the receipts proving she indeed did pay him to be on the show! Naturally, we will be posting that as soon as one of our minions drops it in our box. Matt get help buddy, you have a great body and Atlanta is a thirsty city. Don’t let fifteen minutes of fame cost you your life, health, or sanity!

Written By: Michael “Hey Mikey” Fanning

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