Kevin Hart Goes Off on Twitter About Ex Wife For Talking About His Girlfriend

Kevin Hart Goes Off on Twitter About Ex Wife For Talking About His GF.

Although Kevin Hart seems pretty happy and content with current girlfriend Eniko Parrish, not everyone is feeling the same way about the pair.

Hart’s Ex wife Torrei Hart revealed on a interview with Rocsi Diaz  that Parrish broke up the two’s marriage. She even went as far as saying she wanted to “KO(knock out)” Parrish for it. She also revealed on the exclusive interview that there was no prenuptial agreement and she had to fight for the $175,000 settlement (she had to fight litterally, because she attacked Kevin’s divorce attorney).
Well Kevin wasn’t too happy about her comments, so he took to twitter to defend himself and girlfriend.
He said that Eniko had nothing to do with his divorce and said that she has “embraced the man that she is dealing with, with nothing but positivity.”

He also tweeted “Guess giving a woman over 20k a month, and still being there for her and a incredible father is still not good enough”

He later then joked and tweeted “P.S. I was listening to Drake’s album while I was tweeting all that stuff …. Lmfaoo. That sh*t Made me emotional”

I guess that interview is what prompted his girlfriend to post this photo last week.


I hope Kevin works it out with his wife because it’s hard to keep a relationship with unresolved issues in a prior marriage. But I guess we will get more of the scoop on the series “Atlanta Exes.”



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