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The Two Keys to My Hair & Beauty Success

The Two Keys to My Hair & Beauty Success

When it comes to beauty products, we all have our keys to success, the item(s) that would throw our entire routine out of whack. These things can make or break your entire look if you don’t have them.

For me, those items are q-tips and bobby pins.

It’s really amazing to me that some females really don’t have an abundance of these in their bathroom. I literally really lose my mind when I run out of either.



Q-tips/cotton swabs have a number of uses. You can use them to clean the insides of your ears (although some suggest against it *rolls eyes* ), clean excess nail polish off of your fingers, clean up lipstick around your mouth, and cleaning makeup (and “sleepies”) from around your eyes. I use q-tips for all of these things, but the reason that they are so necessary for me is because they are the sole reason my eyeliner comes out looking right on a regular basis. I also find them essential when applying red lipstick because I can make sure that the shape of my lips is prominent and the application is clean. Q-tips are essential for clean application. I could try and do the same thing with paper towels or toilet paper, but it takes much longer and the results just aren’t the same.

…And Bobby Pins?

I’m pretty sure I have used bobby pins for every possible thing that they can be used for. You will literally see them all over the place in my room: on my desk, my TV stand, my night stand, my bathroom counter, and sometimes you’ll even find them in my bed lol. Bobby pins are essential for any naturalista trying to keep their hair in place. I also use them to help apply lash glue when I am applying lash strips. They are the perfect size and grab just the right amount of glue so it isn’t getting everywhere.

These 2 items are my keys to success (as far as beauty lol). Without them, achieving my looks would take soooo much longer. Don’t take everyday products for granted, get creative. 🙂 



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