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Keyshia Cole Exposes Husband Daniel Gibson Of Cheating

Guess it is back to square one for R&B singer Keyshia Cole and her husband Daniel Gibson. The two separated last year but recently, they seemed to be trying to mend their relationship as they were spotted spending more time together. Now, as of yesterday, things seem to have taken a turn for the worst when Keyshia exposed her husband Gibson of cheating.


Now that Gibson is retired from the NBA, he pursuing a career in music as a rapper. Gibson invited his wife Keyshia to a video shoot. Keyshia reports that Gibson was trying to “mess with” one of the video models at his shoot. Then, Keyshia retrives the text messages that exposed Gibson’s infidelity with who Keyshia presumes to be the model on set at Gibson’s video shoot. Keyshia posted a picture on Instagram of the messages sent from Gibson’s phone with the following caption: “I guess the starting over as ‘Friends’ thing doesn’t work. how could u invite me to a video shoot but, your trying to mess with the ‘Love interest’ while your ‘Wife’ #IsThere! #BasketBallPlayerTurnedRapper #KindOfS—TheyDo #PointOfInvite? #ThankGodIWasSmartAboutIt #ManUp #WhenUSayUWannaSaveUrFam #ButUReallyDont #WhatWouldUHaveDone? #Bogus #TheChickSaidAllMenCheat #IDontBelieveThat #NoHate #Facts #EnoughOfNoLove,”

But in all fairness, Keyshia did state in another post of their son, Daniel Gibson Jr., that “Gib is a great father.” Although she made it clear that, “I’m just ready to put this all behind me/Being my healing process for once Nd for all.”

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