Why KFC might collab with brands like Sephora

KFC is more than finger lickin’ good.

KFC isn’t new to the beauty world, and in their latest collaboration with a popular Japanese brand, Village Vanguard, they’re shaking more than dinner tables.

You may or may have not heard of Village Vanguard. They are a novelty brand in Japan and they’re notoriously known for their bath bombs that resemble soups. KFC Japan and Village Vanguard are teaming up to help you smell like the eleven secret herbs and spices. Possibly you and ninety-nine other people could experience the dream of a lifetime, or nightmare, depending on how much you love chicken.

From Nov. 1st until Nov. 15th, individuals have a chance to participate in a lottery style contest via Twitter.  100 winners will be chosen for this historical collaboration by using a hashtag. The only catch? – You have to actually be in Japan to win, which may or may not be so much of a bad thing.

The collaborative contest winners will receive a bundle of three items. The prize includes: exclusive KFC x Village Vanguard bathbomb that literally resembles a chicken drumstick, a replica of KFC’s signature box, as well as a special coupon towards a ‘Secret Combination Pack’ of chicken.

Screenshot KFC Bath Bomb
(Photo Credit: Twitter & KFC Japan)

KFC has other “beauty” products.

If you’re not familiar with KFC’s beauty antics, you should know just last year they released their ‘Extra Crispy’ sunscreen lotion and their edible ‘Finger Licking Good’ nail polish with two options of orginal and Hot & Spicy. So a new bath bomb named ‘Chicken Smell Bathing Powder’, can’t be too far fetched. With as silly as these products may sound, they really exist, and people actually want them.

I’m always a fan of beauty collabs, especially when it involves big brands. However, I don’t think I’ll be a fan of this – even if it is “historical”. How do you feel about KFC’s latest beauty venture?

I seriously wonder what to expect from KFC in 2018, maybe a future collab with Sephora or another multinational beauty store? Either or, I won’t be in line for anything chicken related unless it’s edible and called Chick-Fil-A.

Emani Sewell

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