Killing Trends with J. Crew

I’ve always had my eye on J. Crew in general, but recently, I have been so drawn to J. Crew that anytime I am at the mall I have to stop by the store AND we get the catalogs in the mail.  If there was a brand that defined the ultra tom boy chic part of my style personality, it would be J. Crew.  From their blazers to their jeans and from their accessories to their tops – J. Crew knows me.

Now, when I think of J. Crew, I automatically think about their blazers.  J. Crew has some of the most fresh and well-made blazers on the market at the mid-price level.  This fall, they have an array of blazers that come in various textures and colors from grays to tweed and the classic hounds-tooth.  The shape that they are pushing currently is a play on the classic J. Crew blazer referred to as ‘The Tailored Blazer’, which they described as their new version of their classic where they’ve kept the great quality and fit, but added various styles and details to make it current.


How to Wear It

You all know that I am that person that will wear a blazer in the summer time so I think that a blazer is a extremely versatile and classic staple to have in your wardrobe.  You can dress it up or dress it down.  Layering it in the fall over sweaters, vests, and button downs are my favorite.  To add another layer and some of your style personality, you can top your blazer with a scarf or add a brooch for good measure.

Pairing your blazer with jeans is the classic way to display that you are a style rebel of sorts and can pull together and dress up your jeans a bit.  However, because blazers are so versatile and classic at the same time, you can pair them with skirts, dresses, slacks, and even dressier sweatpants to instantly transform and pull together your look.


Trend Report - J. Crew Blazer
J. Crew linen Regent (yellow) $170 / J. Crew Rhodes, $248 /
J. Crew Regent, $198 /
J. Crew Campbell, $198 / J. Crew Double-breasted, $282

Androgynous anchored with class and splashes of trendy is how I would describe my style with my bottom line style category being boho-chic. I love to challenge myself with new experiences and surrounding myself with positivity. Detroit raised me and Atlanta is grooming me. Sit back and enjoy the ride...I promise you this will be good.