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Kim Kardashian Emerges in Steamy Video!

Kim Kardashian West is back on the scene like she never left.

After two months of keeping a low profile stemming from her gun-point robbery in Paris, Kim Kardashian emerges as “Day 12” in Love Magazines advent calendar. 

Photo Curtesy: Getty Images
Photo Courtesy: Getty Images

Counting down the days until Christmas, director James Lima’s vision is depicted from a child’s drawing with Kim appearing as a seductive symbol of mother nature amidst a Northern lights esq. setting. Clothed in a fur COACH jacket, nude Agent Provocateur lingerie and transparent Yeezy Season 2 heels; Kim seduces the camera without saying a word. 

Photo Courtesy: Popsugar

The video reportedly shot months before the robbery is 2 mins and 6 seconds in length and already boast over 17,000 views since being released this morning. However, don’t get too excited yet– it’s doubtful that this is a return for Kim as her social media has yet to see any new posts since her time in France for Fashion Week. This seems to be just something that was bound to be released regardless of outstanding circumstances. Both her Twitter and Instagram accounts have not been updated since October 2nd a day prior of the October 3rd Parisian heist. The robbery took place in her Paris residence where five armed men broke in; Kim was bound, held at gun-point and left in the bathroom. The robbers got away with $10 million worth of jewelry including her 20-carat diamond engagement ring. For now, pictures may be all Kim has left in memory of her precious jewels as of today a Paris judicial police source stated, “Two months on and we’re nowhere near finding who the robbers are,”(US Weekly).

Photo Courtesy: Popsugar

In efforts to keep her Kim Kardashian West app alive, she’s enlisted the help of family and friends such as Blac Chyna to post content to keep the viewers entertained. Kim was scheduled to make her first appearance since the robbery with her family on November 21st at the “Angel Ball”; however, that was the same night Kanye West was hospitalized for exhaustion–thus forcing her to tend to the welfare of her husband. Amidst Kanye’s recent release let’s hope Kim will make a full return very soon. 

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