Kim Kardashian Makes A “Savage” Return To Instagram With New KIMOJI Underwear

Ever since the Paris hotel robbery with Kim Kardashian that took place in early October, the Super Socialite has been M.I.A. on Instagram. Although I think we can all agree, that was a much-needed decision for the scary and unfortunate situation that happened. Then on top of that with all the family drama and legal issues regarding the “Kardashian” namesake, and not to mention her husband Kanye and his mental issues, Kim has deservedly laid low from all social media platforms, until earlier today.

Kim has made her return back to social media via her KIMOJI Instagram to preview some new and sexy products for the brand.


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I guess you can call it a comeback or at least her social media return. Although she doesn’t star in the photos or videos posted, it’s just really good to see Kim back in the swing of things on social media. As far as the sexy new products in question, in true Kim fashion, it’s of course underwear. In two videos posted earlier today someone is seen twerking in black underwear while the other appears to be another woman wearing red and white underwear printed with “SAVAGE” on the waistband.


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The captions are titled “DECEMBER 16″ which we can guess that means it’s dropping tomorrow. Check out the photos and videos via Instagram @KIMOJI to see for yourself. Isn’t it good to see that Kim is ok and back to posting on social media again? Be on the lookout for Kim Kardashian’s “Savage” underwear collection on the KIMOJI Webstore.


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