Kim Kardashian VS Nicki Mianj: Who Exposed It Better?

My oh my. Chicks post pics of their BAWDY and the hurt hit dogs come hollering. The other day Kim Kardashian released a selfie of her in a white swimsuit showing the world her luscious good after giving birth to baby North a few months ago.

This is the first time we’ve seen a picture of Kimberly and all her gluteus maximus glory and Kim looks good! That azz has it’s own zipcode, stylist, security guard…err’thang. LOL There was some chatter amongst her fans of wanting the old Kim back but when you have a child your body will NEVER be the same unless you go under the knife and sometimes that still doesn’t work.


Anyhow, attention seeking rapper, Nicki Minaj posted pics on her Instagram with her breast out covered with cheetah pasties and gold chains around her neck with the caption: “Should I add #Pasties to the Spring Collection????” Oh Onika, cut it out. I don’t think people “care” about your breast the way people “care” about Kim’s supple behind.


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