Kim, You’re Killin’ Us! Instead of Dressing Designer, Just Dress Pregnant!

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Girlfriend! Until that baby gives you your ankles back, no more of this please! Okay, forget the stylist, where are your sisters? Kourtney never tried this hard to be a glam-ham while pregnant either time! She dressed appropriately for her changing body and still managed to look stylish and cute all 9 of those months and Kim, you should be shopping with her! She’s an older sis for a reason. While there will be times where you will have to glam up, lunch with mom is not one of those occasions! Throw on some yoga pants, a tee-shirt and some Nike’s, already – you’re pregnant! Then go eat your face off – try it … it’ll be fun! Or you can continue to kill us all slow-like with these fashion faux pas that you’ll never be able to live down! Kourtney, come get your sis and cage her until she drops this baby! You can’t do too much more of this and you won’t learn until you’re nicknamed “Kimmy Kankles” somewhere. Do better!

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