Day 20 on the Horizon? KimmieKanye and Baby Do NYC

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Without addressing the splitsville speculations circulating around the rumor-mill, it’s quite obvious Kanye has been oddly absent throughout most of his girlfriend, Kim Kardashian’s pregnancy. So obvious that his non-participatory ways made headlines stating an aproximate number of days the couple has spent together since the announcement of the pregnancy – 18 days. Who’s counting, really? To get to the point, however, it’s the multi-platinum artist’s phantom-like presence thus far that have sparked whispers of a break-up. Well, yesterday KimmieKanye put the rumors to rest in New York City … for now at least and hopefully, they can celebrate day 20 together! All three of them!

The reality TV starlet blames their hectic schedules for the literal distance between the two of them but it was good to see the duo together for the first time in a long time. Nobody really knows the truth except the parties at play here but Kardashian looks plain sad an lonely, unfortunately. The media empress has always kept an even-keeled approach to her celebredom despite the flashing cameras of the stalker paparazzi – she knows how to wear a brave face but girlfriend looks very sullen. While most media outlets have made her weight gain and appearance insecurities the culprit, that’s a hard truth to accept. Truth be told, if her dude were by her side a little more, feeding her ice-cream and reminding her of her beauty while she’s carrying his seed, she’d be content. Promise. Then on the other hand, it’s completely understood that Ye could be a little frightened by fatherhood (it’s a pretty big deal) and perhaps he’s in no rush to his forever. Who knows? Hopefully, they’ll figure it out the way they are in these photos – together.



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