KKW Beauty x Mario

Kim Kardashian West and her makeup artist, Mario Dedivanovic have collaborated for an official KKW Beauty x Mario Collection

The dynamic glam duo spoke with Refinery 29 in an exclusive interivew about the launch of their highly anticipated collaboration. Take a look at some of the highlights from the conversation below!

Kim On People Telling Dedivanovic that Working for Her Would Ruin His Career: “I really do believe people are entitled to their own opinions. It doesn’t really offend me. I just feel like it must be funny now. I had someone like that in my life, too — a publicist who asked me what I wanted for my life and in my career. I remember, we were sitting in this little conference room and there were these Cosmopolitan magazines, and Megan Fox was on the cover. I was like, ‘That. I just want to be on the cover of Cosmo.’ She was like, ‘Oh, honey, that will never happen for you. Let’s have realistic goals.’ I thought that was realistic… It’s just funny. I don’t mind people who have that mindset. I just like to prove them wrong. If anything, it drives me.”

Kim KardashianKim On What it Means to Them to Have Shades in the Collection Titled, “Armenian” and “Albanian”: “We both feel like our heritage holds such a deep meaning to [us]. We talk about it all the time…Mario came with me to Armenia. We just talk about our culture all the time. We thought it was a perfect fit to name shadows after who we are.”

Mario dedivanovic and Kim Kardashian WestKim On People Saying That KKW Beauty’s Concealer Shade Range Wasn’t Inclusive Enough: “I think my brand is always evolving. We did so much research, and the majority of makeup companies have, I think, six concealer shades. Mario definitely tested them with a variety of skin tones. Because it is concealer, you use shades lighter than your skin tone. I thought that 16 shades was a really good range to start. I think compared to all the other brands— I think the top 10 brands have six — I thought [16] was pretty inclusive and that we had a good range. However, I do hear people when I see that there is something that they want. Our concealers did really well, so we are working on expanding our shade range. I definitely want there to be something for everyone. I love paying attention. I want to be inclusive for everyone.”

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Mario On Kim’s funniest quirk that most people don’t know about: “She’s actually really hysterical! I don’t think people know that. She actually pranked me today with this snake video…”


To read the interview in it’s entirety, click here!

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